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Online GER Course Over Summer: THTR 113A: Introduction to Vocal Acting


THTR 113A: Introduction to Vocal Acting

Online Summer Session One: May 23-June 24

Do you want to be a better listener? Do your communication skills need some polish? Explore and refine these important techniques while learning about the art of storytelling, poetry, drama, and public performance in this three-credit online course that fulfills the GROUP 4, Expressive Arts GEN ED requirement.  For more information email:

~Submitted by John Kenneth DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Acting/Directing

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New Approved Writing Course Listing: MCLG 195: Nature and Environment in the Classical World

Ancient Drawings of Animals

Dear Advisors,

I would like you to keep in mind a new course being offered Fall 2011 through Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.  MCLG 195, Nature and Environment in the Classical World Flyer is an an interdisciplinary survey of Greek and Roman attitudes towards the environment.  The course examines the intellectual and literary history of Classical environmental thought through literature as well as geography, anthropology, archaeology, art history. Topics covered include cosmogony, deforestation, evolution, famine, pre-industrial peasant economy, and human interaction with the landscape through engineering and agriculture.

This course is an examination of the role that the landscape and environment played in the intellectual and cultural history of the Greeks and Romans.  Students will be introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of Classical Studies to reconstruct a multidimensional understanding of the ancient world. Primary sources include poetry (epic, tragedy, bucolic/pastoral), natural philosophy, and artifacts of material culture.

This course fulfills the Historical and Cultural Studies general education requirement and is an approved writing class.

~Submitted by Professor Matthew Semanoff, Modern and Classical Languages and Literature

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Peer Program Recruitment Open for Recommendations

Peer Progam LogoThe Undergraduate Advising Center’s Peer Program is calling for recommendations (due April 15th) from the campus community to aid in the recruitment of a new batch of Peers. Any faculty or staff member may recommend students who meet the following criteria:

  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  • 30 credits completed at the end of Spring 2011
  • 2 semesters of enrollment at The University of Montana.

To read an open letter about the program and the type of students commonly accepted into the program, please click Peer Recruitment Letter to Departments.

Click Recruitment Recommendation Form to submit your recommendations electronically.

~Submitted by Carol Bates, Peer Program Coordinator,

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Reminder about UDWPA

Hello Advisors,

As Autumn Semester registration approaches, please remind those students who have over 45 credits to register for the UDWPA.

To ensure that all students who need to register can be accommodated, students should not register for more than one autumn section.  Students who do register for more than one section will be dropped from all but their first test dates.

Please refer students to the UDWPA website at for more information on registration and preparation.


~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Director of The Writing Center

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New GER Course for Fall 2011, MCLG 113H: French Cultural Identity: Modern France in Europe

~Submitted by Mladen Kozul, Associate Professor of French

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Orientation 2011: Freshman Portal Page (“My Academics”) Information Sessions

Where: UC 332

Date: Thursday, March 31

Choose Your Session: 10-11am or 2-3pm

The Office for Student Success is implementing a new communication portal for the incoming freshman class. OSS will offer two information sessions on the new system. View what the students (and parents) will be seeing and learn about the pre-registration and advising of new freshmen.

Who should attend a session?
– Faculty and Professional Advisors
– Department Administrators
– Front-line Staff
– Anyone who interfaces with incoming students!

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, UAC

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LIT 110L & LIT 120L Lose American & European Group (Y) GER Designation for F’11

Starting F’11, LIT 110L: Intro to Lit and LIT 120L: Intro to Poetry will no longer fill the American & European (Y) general education requirement. Faculty Senate’s Academic Standards & Curriculum Review Committee (ASCRC) removed that designation from these two courses for the Fall. Students who complete one or both of these classes during Summer 2011 will still fulfill their (Y) requirements.

Please note both of these courses will still count as Approved Writing Classes and Literary and Artistic Studies (L) courses.

~Update submitted by Maria Mangold, English Department Advisor

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Academic Forgiveness Policy (Faculty Senate Approved, 3.11.11)

The Faculty Senate approved a new Academic Forgiveness Policy last Friday (3/11/11). Under the new policy, students may apply for forgiveness if they have been away from the university for three or more years and have completed 30 or more credits with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in coursework attempted since their return. Under the policy, grades from all courses in the forgiven semester(s) are excluded from the calculation of the UM grade point average and may not be used to satisfy any university requirements.

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WRIT Placement Exam, Friday, March 25th, 2011

Friday, March 25th


Main Hall, room 210

No registration required.

Most students have been placed into an appropriate English Composition course on the basis of their standardized test scores (MUSWA, ACT or SAT Essay Section, SAT Writing section, Combined English/Writing ACT).


You need to take the WRIT Placement Exam only if:

1) You scored

  • 390-430 on the SAT Writing section
  • 16-17 on the Combined English/Writing ACT
  • 5-6 on the SAT or ACT Writing Section
  • 2.5-3 on the MUSWA


2) You do not have the standardized test scores (see above list) by which to be placed.


3) You wish to challenge your placement.

If you are unsure about your scores and placement, please see your academic advisor or Maria Mangold (406-243-6976).

~Submitted by Maria Mangold, English Advisor

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