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New GER Course for Fall 2011, MCLG 113H: French Cultural Identity: Modern France in Europe

~Submitted by Mladen Kozul, Associate Professor of French


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LIT 110L & LIT 120L Lose American & European Group (Y) GER Designation for F’11

Starting F’11, LIT 110L: Intro to Lit and LIT 120L: Intro to Poetry will no longer fill the American & European (Y) general education requirement. Faculty Senate’s Academic Standards & Curriculum Review Committee (ASCRC) removed that designation from these two courses for the Fall. Students who complete one or both of these classes during Summer 2011 will still fulfill their (Y) requirements.

Please note both of these courses will still count as Approved Writing Classes and Literary and Artistic Studies (L) courses.

~Update submitted by Maria Mangold, English Department Advisor

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Interactive Suggested GER Courses for First-Year Students Site Goes Live

In an effort to combine several different sources for information concerning GER requirements, I’ve sent up GER Group specific pages with rollovers that pop up with official course descriptions from the UM Catalog. The list of classes is not all inclusive and is derived from the Suggested GER Courses for First-Year publication.

To find the page,  click the “General Education Requirements” title on the top right of this page or the link above.

To view, course descriptions, do not click, but instead hover over the blue course number to activate the rollover.

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Updated Suggested General Education Courses for First-Year Students

The “Suggested GER Courses for First-Year Students” is now updated and may be viewed here.

~Submitted by Beth Howard, UAC Director

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General Education Self-Evaluation Video

How to do a General Education evaluation at the University of Montana in three steps.

“The Link Under This Video” for a list of exceptions to the Modern and Classical Language requirement:… (Scroll to Group 3).

Produced by Alex Hoelscher and Dora LaCasse, Peer Program, 2010

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UAC Peers Offer GER/Registration Workshop during Study Jam

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List of Double Dippers (10-11 Catalog)

Click on the link below for an approved list of General Education Double Dippers according to the 2010-2011 Catalog.

10-11 Double Dippers

Double Dippers are courses that satisfy at least two General Education Requirements.

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New Transfer Credit Evaluation Designations

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If a transfer course is equivalent to a UM course, it will be listed as such on the evaluation.  Transfer courses without UM equivalencies are listed as elective credit.  Elective credit was previously listed as 199 (lower division) or 399 (upper division).   These numbers are no longer used as a result of the new MUS common course numbering system.  The new codes designating elective credit are as follows:

TR1 – Lower-Division Elective (freshman level)

TR2 – Lower-Division Elective (sophomore level)

TR3 – Upper-Division Elective (junior level)

TR4 – Upper-Division Elective (senior level)

Courses accepted toward UM’s general education requirements are designated by symbols after the course number, such as TR1H, TR2S, etc.   Courses that are considered double dippers carry both notations – i.e., HY counts as Historical & Culture Studies (H) and also the American & European  Perspective (Y).

~Submitted by Lou Laakso, Evaluation Supervisor, Enrollment Services-Admissions

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Suggested First Year General Education Courses

Below is a link to a PDF of suggested general education courses for first year students.

Suggested First Year General Education Courses (2.7.11)

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

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General Education Requirements

This video outlines the general education system currently in place and goes over how to tell if a class counts for general education, where to find a list of approved courses and how to read transfer work.

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