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Reminder about UDWPA

Hello Advisors,

As Autumn Semester registration approaches, please remind those students who have over 45 credits to register for the UDWPA.

To ensure that all students who need to register can be accommodated, students should not register for more than one autumn section.  Students who do register for more than one section will be dropped from all but their first test dates.

Please refer students to the UDWPA website at for more information on registration and preparation.


~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Director of The Writing Center


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Additional Seats for the March 19 UDWPA Exam to Open March 1

Additional seats for the March 19 UDWPA exam will open on March 1.  Once these seats open, students will need to go to the Registration Counter in Griz Central to register.

Please direct students to the UDWPA website at for current announcements and information on how to prepare.

Thank you,


~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Writing Center, Director

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UDWPA Facts for Advisors

UDWPA Facts for Advisors

► Go to Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam for complete information about the exam.

► Passing the UDWPA satisfies a general education requirement. It is neither an exit exam nor a test of competence in a major. Degree-seeking students entering UM with an AA degree must complete this requirement. Students who already hold a bachelor degree do not have to meet this requirement.

► Students, including transfer students, should pass the exam between earning their 45th and 70th college credit. The exam may be retaken until passed but should be passed before a student achieves senior standing, transfer credits included.

► The Registrar does not place registration holds on student accounts related to the UDWPA. Timely completion of the UDWPA requirement depends on the cooperation of students and their advisors. All advisors should alert advisees that they should pass the UDWPA before they fulfill the writing requirement in their major and before they are seniors. The UDWPA should be completed during the sophomore or junior year to avoid scheduling conflicts in the senior year.

► Students should have passed WRIT 101 or its equivalent and one other writing course before attempting the UDWPA exam. No writing course or paper substitutes for the exam. A student may enroll in an upper division writing course prior to passing the UDWPA. However, some faculty require a passing score on the UDWPA as a prerequisite for an upper division writing course.

► Registration for the UDWPA is now done on Cyberbear or at the Registration Counter once Cyberbear registration closes for the semester.  The UDWPA is listed as a course on Cyberbear.  Students who register for a section in GBB, LA, or UC take the test on a computer; those who register in NULH write the exam in a bluebook. Students may add or drop the UDWPA without drop/add fees up to three (3) days prior to an exam. Registration for any exam closes three (3) days before the exam. There are no on-site registrations.  Students should not register for multiple sections.

► Any student who will take the UDWPA at DSS or off-campus must register to take the test in the NULH section. To request DSS accommodation students should call 243-2243. For off-campus administration of the exam, the contact is . Off-campus administration is permitted at the discretion of the director for students not residing near Missoula due to demonstrated professional or academic commitments elsewhere.

► Students view their UDWPA score on Cyberbear under Student Records. Advisors will find UDWPA scores in Banner in SOATEST by typing in the test name WPA (formerly WASS). Scores are expressed as a sequence of two numbers, 1-5. Scores of 11 , 12, or 22 are non-passing. All others are passing scores. Scores are posted to Cyberbear/SOATEST approximately 10 days after each exam.

► No student is exempt from the UDWPA on the basis of the six-year catalog rule. Information about appealing the exam or the requirement can be found on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam website at .

► Students are advised to prepare seriously for the exam using campus resources. Tutoring and workshops are available through The Writing Center.  Online tutorials are available through the UDWPA website at . Students who fail the exam are urged to find out why by reviewing their exam with a tutor at The Writing Center in LA 144.

~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Director, The Writing Center

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Upper Division Writing Proficiency Assessment (UDWPA)

The Upper Division Writing Proficiency Assessment (UDWPA) is a test that all UM undergraduates must take and pass prior to graduation to complete the general education UDWPA requirement.

Check out their brand new site for information on the upcoming assessments, exam text and study tips. Current updates include:

  • Assessment text for the March 13 exam is now available.
  • Reading/practice questions for the March 13 exam will be available March 2nd in LA 144.
  • Seats are still available for the March 13 and April exams. Register in Griz Central.
  • Registration for the June 26 exam is now open on Cyberbear.

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Spring 2010 Writing Center Hours

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