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Online GER Course Over Summer: THTR 113A: Introduction to Vocal Acting


THTR 113A: Introduction to Vocal Acting

Online Summer Session One: May 23-June 24

Do you want to be a better listener? Do your communication skills need some polish? Explore and refine these important techniques while learning about the art of storytelling, poetry, drama, and public performance in this three-credit online course that fulfills the GROUP 4, Expressive Arts GEN ED requirement.  For more information email:

~Submitted by John Kenneth DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Acting/Directing


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Writing Center Summer Hours

The Writing Center will offer limited face-to-face tutoring hours during the first five-week summer session.  Also, for online students, we will provide online writing tutoring during the full ten-week summer session.

~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Writing Center, Director

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Summer Online Course: HHP 240 & 241

~Submitted by the Health and Human Performance Department

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Summer Session: Financial Aid Changes

Below is information regarding recent financial aid changes. Because of this change, some students who thought they couldn’t afford Summer Semester may now have aid available to them. Thank you for sharing this with your advisees.

Due to recent changes in the federal law, the University of Montana may be able to offer additional Pell aid for Summer Semester even if a student attended the academic year full time for both semesters. This “third” semester within the same academic year has not been possible until this change in the law. The change in the law, however, has not changed the student loan programs. Students will be eligible only for the unused balances they may have from the academic year loan annual limits.

Students should check with the Financial Aid Office to find out how to apply for Summer aid and to be evaluated for all types of assistance:

  • Visit: Griz Central Financial Aid Counter
  • Call: 406.243.5373
  • Email:

~Submitted by Jessica Carter, XLS

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Summer Session 2010 Information

~Submitted by Jessica Carter, XLS

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’09 Summer Class Schedule Online

Summer session is now posted through the Continuing Education site. Students can begin registering January 26th. Dates run as follows:

Summer Semester 2009 Calendar

First 5-week Session: May 26-June 26

Second 5-week Session: June 29-July 31

Full 10-week Session: May 26-July 31

Special Session: May 26-August 21

Students can access the schedule here.

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