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Orientation 2011: Freshman Portal Page (“My Academics”) Information Sessions

Where: UC 332

Date: Thursday, March 31

Choose Your Session: 10-11am or 2-3pm

The Office for Student Success is implementing a new communication portal for the incoming freshman class. OSS will offer two information sessions on the new system. View what the students (and parents) will be seeing and learn about the pre-registration and advising of new freshmen.

Who should attend a session?
– Faculty and Professional Advisors
– Department Administrators
– Front-line Staff
– Anyone who interfaces with incoming students!

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, UAC


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Summer Orientation 2011 Dates Announced

The days for Summer Orientations 2011 will be June 23-24 and June 30-July 1. You will notice that the Orientations are back to back, which will be new for us but will also open up the summer a bit more and allow for a seamless transition from one program to the next. When the Provost’s Office sets the official first day of classes for Fall 2011 we will schedule Fall Orientation as the Wed-Thursday right before classes begin, and GO Day will be that Friday.

These dates will be posted on the Orientation Website today, and if there are any changes I will let you know immediately. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

~Submitted by Karissa Drye, Orientation Programs

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Summer Orientation Pre-Registration Assessment

The following email was sent through Campus Communications earlier today announcing the launch of a discussion board on the topic of pre-registration. Your feedback is important. An essential component of improving any program is to hear about the experiences of people from a wide variety of vantage points. Your perspectives will be invaluable in determining what changes would most benefit the new system.

~Submitted by Beth Howard, UAC, Director

“The Office for Student Success, Enrollment Services, and the Registrar’s Office has launched a discussion board on the topic of pre-registering new freshmen into core courses for their first semester.  We’re seeking comments from the UM community on what worked well and how to improve the process for 2011.

If you participated in any way in the pre-registration of new freshmen – helping define your department’s core courses, building schedules for new freshmen during the June pre-registration, or advising students during summer and fall orientations – please take a few moments to share your thoughts at Technology enhancements and communication improvements are already underway, and your suggestions on those and other issues are critical.

Thank you in advance for your time and commitment to student success.

Sharon O’Hare
Executive Director

If you would prefer not to participate in a public discussion board, you may email me directly at  I assure you that your comments will remain confidential.

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ALEXS Math Placement Information

All incoming freshmen without AP credit and transfer students still needing to meet their math requirement are expected to take the online placement test (called ALEKS) before registering for a math course.

Visit UM’s Math Placement website:

You will need to know your student ID number as well as the ALEKS UM Course Code: MAHXU XDVMA

Once you have taken the test, write down your score.

Level 1 Placement:
M 065: Pre-Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)

Level 2 Placement:
M 090: Introductory Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)
M 111: Technical Math, 3 credits (Industrial Technology Majors.)

Level 3 Placement:
M 095: Intermediate Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)
M 115: Probability and Linear Math, 3 credits (Majors include: BADM, COMM, PSYX, SOCI.)
M 105: Contemporary Math, 3 credits (For majors without a specific math requirement.)

Level 4 Placement:
M 151: Pre-Calculus, 4 credits
M 121: College Algebra, 3 credits
M 135: Math for K-8 Teachers, 5 Credits (Elementary Education Majors only.)

Level 5 Placement:
M 122: College Trigonometry, 3 Credits
M 162: Applied Calculus, 4 Credits

Out of Level 5 Placement:
M 171: Calculus 1, 4 Credits

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Modern and Classical Languages Placement Exam (August 25th)

The Modern and Classical Language and Literatures placement exam will be administered from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in Liberal Arts 104 on Wednesday, August 25th.

Testing is open to all students of German, French and Spanish who are interested in testing out of their language general education requirement or who would like to place in a higher level course.  Students without a language background do not need to take the test.

~Submitted by Olivia White, Modern and Classical Languages Department

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WRIT (ENEX) Placement Exam: Wednesday, August 25th

~Submitted by Maria Mangold, Academic Advisor, Department of English

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GEAR Online Email from UM to Students

This email was sent from Karissa Drye, Orientation Director, to GEAR Online students yesterday (7.13.10).

Hello from The University of Montana,

Thank you for registering for the General Education, Advising and Registration (GEAR) Online Program. GEAR Online allows you to complete your autumn course registration before attending Fall Orientation on August 25th and 26th. At Fall Orientation you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your advisor and learn about all the special programs at UM.

In order to keep things easy, we’ve posted all of the information you need to complete your autumn registration to one web site devoted just to our GEAR Online students.  There you’ll find step-by-step instructions and informative videos (watch them!) to walk you through the course selection and your registration process.  We also give you the contact information for staff available to answer questions.

It’s time to get started on the Advising and Registration process! Be sure to have on hand your 790- Student Identification Number, and your Net ID and password. In addition, you’ll need your Advising Number, which is #advising_pin#. Please do not lose this advising number-you will need it each time you try to adjust your schedule for the Autumn Semester.

Follow this link to the GEAR Online site:

We can’t wait to see you in the fall!

Karissa Drye

Orientation Programs Director

Important Numbers to Know:

Student ID Number

  • Begins with 790
  • Use to log into Cyberbear to register for classes
  • Initial password is 6-digit birthday (May 6, 1992=050691)
  • Contact Registrar with password problems, (406) 243-6077, 8:00am-4:30pm MST Monday-Friday

Net ID

  • First initial, last initial and random assortment of 6 digits (e.g. Monte Bear=mb123456)
  • Use to log into student email account, OneStop, Academic Course Planner
  • Initial password is last six digits of Student ID Number
  • Contact Information Technology (IT) office with password problems: (406) 243-HELP (4351), 8:00am-5:00pm MST Monday-Friday

Advising Number

  • Listed above. Traditionally given to you by your advisor during advising appointments that occur every semester.
  • This number changes each semester
  • Don’t lose it!

~Submitted by Karissa Drye, Orientations Director

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Clarification of the AP Policy with Respect to the UM Writing Requirement

A score of 3 or higher on the English Language and Composition AP test will earn a student 6 degree credits and satisfy the English Composition (WRIT 101) requirement. With the completion of WRIT 101, students are eligible to take WRIT 201.

A score of 3 or higher on the English Literature and Composition AP test will earn a student 6 degree credits and satisfy the Literary and Artistic Studies (L) requirement. This test cannot be used to place students into either WRIT 101 or WRIT 201.

In the absence of an AP test score, neither AP class may be used to determine a student’s writing placement.

For more information, please refer to

~Submitted by Laura Wright, Academic Advisor, Department of English

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Suggested First Year General Education Courses

Below is a link to a PDF of suggested general education courses for first year students.

Suggested First Year General Education Courses (2.7.11)

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

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English Composition Website

The English Department has a new webpage dedicated to the Composition Program at UM. It contains valuable information on placement in writing courses, as well as pages specific for Writ 101, 201 and 540. The web address is:

~Submitted by Laura Wright, Academic Advisor, Department of English

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