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Early Alert 2011: Message from the Registrar


Good afternoon.  You are receiving this important message because you are teaching a class or classes at the 200 level or below, and we are seeking your assistance.

As you know, the Early Alert Program was instituted during the 2007 Academic Year as part of the University’s Student Success Initiative.  The program is designed to identify early in the semester those students who might be having academic difficulty and to direct them to assistance so that they have better odds of a successful semester.  An integral part of this process is the early grading procedure (using the mid-term grading function in CyberBear), which asks instructors teaching 100/200 level (or lower) classes to identify students who are performing poorly in a class (“D” work or less), and then to connect advisors with these students to provide academic assistance/support and direction.

In that light, please note:

  • The Provost has asked that all instructors teaching subjects at the 100/200 level (or below) participate in Early Alert grading each semester.  Only those students who are experiencing academic difficulty should have a grade of DEF (deficient) or RDEF (deficient in a remedial class) grade entered into the midterm grading area in CyberBear.
  • Students who are doing satisfactory work in the course should not be assigned a grade at this time.
  • Please announce to your class that you will be providing midterm grades for those students who are having difficulty, and that students can see if they have received a deficient grade by logging onto their secure CyberBear account.

The Early Alert/Mid-term grade function is now available to instructors via CyberBear, and will be accessible until Midnight, Wednesday, March 9th. If you have any questions about the process or have difficulty accessing your grade rosters, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

The instructions for processing Early Alert/Mid-term grades follow, and are also available to you via this link:

Thank you for your efforts in helping to assure that our students have the best opportunity to succeed.

~Submitted by Ed Johnson, Registrar


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