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SoBA Hosts Informational Meetings for Potential Business Majors (3.17.2011)

There will be a student panel in GBB 106  March 17th from 11:10-12:30pm consisting of 7 students, representing each of the SoBA majors and one student organization:

  1. Marketing major/Marketing Club
  2. Finance major/Finance Club
  3. Accounting major/Beta Alpha Psi
  4. Information Systems major/MISA
  5. Management major & the Entrepreneurship Certificate/Entrepreneurship Club
  6. Management major & the Entertainment Management Certificate/UMEM
  7. International Business major (they don’t have a corresponding student organization…)

These same groups/majors will be represented at the student booths in the lobby of GBB from 10:30am-1:00pm.


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Media Arts Application for F’11 Admission Due Friday, April 29th, 2011.

Media Arts LogoThe applications for both the Media Arts B.A. degree and Media Arts B.F.A. degree are due Friday, April 29th. The following text is straight from the MAR website.

B.A. Application

Applications are accepted during spring semester when the core classes are completed or are being completed. Acceptance is based on GPA assessment of core classes, overall University GPA and instructor feedback. Acceptance will be decided at the end of spring semester after all grades have been processed.

For further information and to download the application sheet, click here.

Please make note of the error on the application form announcing the due date as Monday.

Note: The application form must be turned in physically. No mailed or emailed applications will be accepted.

B.F.A. Application


Before application to the B.F.A. program, the student must complete one year as a B.A. major. Please go to the B.A. section for those requirements. The following classes must be completed or in the process of completion as a B.A. major before applying for the B.F.A. degree. For course descriptions see Courses section.

MAR 210 Creation of Media Story – 3 cr.

MAR 221 Fundamentals of Digital Image – 3 cr.

MAR 251 Digital Video Production Techniques – 3 cr.

MAR 300 Visions of Film – 3 cr.

MAR 302 Intro to Motion Design – 3 cr.

MAR 325 Fundamentals of Digital Animation – 3 cr.


Applications to the B.F.A. program will be accepted during spring semester when the above courses have been completed or are in the process of completion.

Acceptance into the major will be decided at the end of spring semester after all grades have been processed. Acceptance is based on the following:

1. Letter of Intent

2. Artist Statement

3. Portfolio

4. Transcript

5. Time-based Self Portrait

For further information and to download the application sheet, click here.

Please make note of the error on the application form announcing the due date as Monday.


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HHP Community Health Option

For the curriculum, click here.

~Submitted by Dr. Annie Sondag, Professor, Health and Human Performance

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New Class Recommended for Pre-Med Students: ANTH/BIOL 495

Pre-Med students are encouraged to consider enrolling in ANTH/BIOL 495 Determinants of Health—Global Perspectives, an Honors course with seats available in Autumn 2010.  The instructor is Dr. Tom Bulger, a physician with extensive experience in providing health care in developing nations.  Meets TR 11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. JOUR 217.  Students wishing to enroll should attend the first class meeting and obtain the instructor’s signature on an Override slip (these forms are available in Griz central).  All Pre-Med students at UM are welcome to enroll.

~Submitted by James McKusick, Dean, The Davidson Honors College

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Health & Human Performance Curriculum Updates for AY 10-11

You will notice many changes in the department and within the options.  Some of these changes include:

  • Applied Health Science is no longer a major.  Current sophomores-seniors could still enroll in that major, but no new freshmen will be admitted.
  • Community Health is a new option in our department.  Community Health is designed to give students a strong background in community needs assessments; program development, implementation, and evaluation; and community health education.  This program is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in public health departments, tribal or university health systems, worksite wellness, or any health promotion/ health education organization.
  • Exercise Science now has two tracks

    • Exercise Science- Applied is designed to give students a strong knowledge of human physiology, training principles, and health assessment.  This option is ideal for students who wish to become sport or strength coaches, fitness consultants, personal trainers, or health-related entrepreneurs.
    • Exercise Science- Pre-Professional is designed for students who want a solid understanding of human health/ health sciences before pursuing graduate studies (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Med School, Physician’s Assistant, Chiropractic, Master’s  or Doctoral level studies in Physiology, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, etc).
    • We are now encouraging/requiring BIOL 112 as a pre-requisite for Anatomy and Physiology.  In the past this class was accepted as an elective, but not required.
    • NAS 100 is now required of all Health Enhancement students (this meets their Historical and Cultural gen ed, Global and Indigenous gen ed, and Native American education requirements: triple dipper!)

Major Checklists:

Athletic Training 10-11

Community Health 10-11

Exercise Science Applied Option 10-11

Exercise Science Pre-Professional Option 10-11

Health Enhancement 10-11

Please let me know if you have any questions about the curricula changes or if there is anything I can do to help clarify the options available and requirements necessary for our department.

~ Submitted by Chris Ricci, M.S., CHES, Health and Human Performance

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New Transfer Credit Evaluation Designations

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If a transfer course is equivalent to a UM course, it will be listed as such on the evaluation.  Transfer courses without UM equivalencies are listed as elective credit.  Elective credit was previously listed as 199 (lower division) or 399 (upper division).   These numbers are no longer used as a result of the new MUS common course numbering system.  The new codes designating elective credit are as follows:

TR1 – Lower-Division Elective (freshman level)

TR2 – Lower-Division Elective (sophomore level)

TR3 – Upper-Division Elective (junior level)

TR4 – Upper-Division Elective (senior level)

Courses accepted toward UM’s general education requirements are designated by symbols after the course number, such as TR1H, TR2S, etc.   Courses that are considered double dippers carry both notations – i.e., HY counts as Historical & Culture Studies (H) and also the American & European  Perspective (Y).

~Submitted by Lou Laakso, Evaluation Supervisor, Enrollment Services-Admissions

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Math Major Advising

~Submitted by Nikolaus Vonessen, Math Department

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Media Arts Curriculum Update

Curriculum Info

1) The MAR BA degree has just been approved! This is currently the only one available to students and blends both the Digital Media and Digital Filmmaking tracks together to produce a well rounded MAR graduate.

2) There is a BFA degree proposal on the Regents’ table now seeking approval! This degree will offer students the ability to intensify their studies in various aspects of MAR (exp: Animation).

3) The MAR minor is still in place. Students are now required to take MAR 101L, 102, 111A and 112 as well as 9 credits from the back of the checklist. There is no longer a GPA requirement in place for these classes as there was with the 100-200-level core.

4) The 200-level sequence will terminate at the end of Spring semester.

Application Process

1) The application is now based on grades alone (no more portfolios).

2) There will be unmistakable/unavoidable notices posted in the MAR department alerting students near the end of spring semester that it is time to turn in a major applications.

3) Students will be grandfathered in if they have completed the 100 & 200-level requirements but will be required to take the remaining 100-level courses after admission into the full MAR major.

Please contact the MAR advisor, Christine Wilson (406.243.4540) or the Director of Media Arts, Rick Hughes (406.243.4515) for more information.

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Business Requirements

Please click the link below for the 2009 Business major checklist.

2009 Business Administration Degree Requirement Checklist

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FIG’s: First-Year Interest Groups

Attention Incoming First-Year Students

FIG Logo

UM offers the option to elect a block schedule for first-year students each Fall called FIG’s or First-Year Interest Groups. There are 35 FIG’s available for Fall 2009 and each is theme based with an emphasis on meeting general education requirements. FIGS are very successful at building social and intellectual communities for first-year students. Each FIG holds 20 students and provides a base class schedule of around 10 credits. This is a wonderful way to meet other students that share the same majors and interests. Anyone can take any FIG. Ask your advisor during orientation which is the right FIG for you.

For a detailed list of FIG’s visit the website at

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