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Orientation 2011: Freshman Portal Page (“My Academics”) Information Sessions

Where: UC 332

Date: Thursday, March 31

Choose Your Session: 10-11am or 2-3pm

The Office for Student Success is implementing a new communication portal for the incoming freshman class. OSS will offer two information sessions on the new system. View what the students (and parents) will be seeing and learn about the pre-registration and advising of new freshmen.

Who should attend a session?
– Faculty and Professional Advisors
– Department Administrators
– Front-line Staff
– Anyone who interfaces with incoming students!

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, UAC


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SoBA Hosts Informational Meetings for Potential Business Majors (3.17.2011)

There will be a student panel in GBB 106  March 17th from 11:10-12:30pm consisting of 7 students, representing each of the SoBA majors and one student organization:

  1. Marketing major/Marketing Club
  2. Finance major/Finance Club
  3. Accounting major/Beta Alpha Psi
  4. Information Systems major/MISA
  5. Management major & the Entrepreneurship Certificate/Entrepreneurship Club
  6. Management major & the Entertainment Management Certificate/UMEM
  7. International Business major (they don’t have a corresponding student organization…)

These same groups/majors will be represented at the student booths in the lobby of GBB from 10:30am-1:00pm.

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NACADA Region 8 Presentation: Advising 3.0

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Advising Conversations: Hobson’s Retain (3/10/2011)

Thursday, March 10th


Lommasson Center, Room 272

This month’s Advising Conversations will focus on the new “Hobson’s Retain” communication system. Join us for the inaugural demonstration of the VIP page, and see how VIP works with other elements of our pre-registration and advising process. Time permitting, we’ll also continue the discussion of departmental updates from last month’s conversations.

The remaining session for the semester is Friday April 15th.

See you there!

~Submitted by Beth Howard (UAC) and Darlene Samson (TRiO)

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Webinar: Approaches to Engaging, Connecting, and Retaining Online Students (Feb. 23 & 25, 2011)

UMOnline and the Office for Student Success are jointly sponsoring an online webinar, Engaging and Retaining Online Students, February 23rd and 25th. Sessions will be in the Todd Building, Room 210, from 11:00am-12:30pm. Participants are welcome to remain after the webinar for discussion.

There is no cost for attendance and all members of the university community are invited. More information is posted on the webinar website or you can view the brochure here.

~Submitted by Marlene Zentz, UMOnline

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Advising Conversations: Orientation Department Meetings (1/13/2011)

Advising Conversations: Orientation Department Meetings

Thursday, January 13th


Lommasson Center, Room 272

The focus of January’s Advising Conversations will be the upcoming Orientation (Jan 20-21) for mid-year admits. Specifically, we’d like to hear what different units cover in their respective department sessions. What are your advising objectives? What are you hoping students will take away from the sessions? Are you offering supplemental meetings or advising sessions? We strongly encourage the faculty and staff members most directly involved in the advising sessions to attend and share their observations, practices and concerns.

~Submitted by Beth Howard (UAC) and Darlene Samson (TRiO)

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Advising Conversations: Spring 2011 Dates and Topics

The dates for the Spring Semester Advising Conversations are:

Thursday, Jan 13th (Orientation Department Meetings)

Friday, Feb 11th (Assessing Advising: How do We Measure Success?)

Thursday, Mar 10th

Friday, April 15th

Conversations will meet in LO 272 from 10-11am. If you have suggestions for topics for the March or April meeting, please send them to Darlene Samson ( or Beth Howard (

~Submitted by Beth Howard (UAC) and Darlene Samson (TRiO)

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Advising Conversations: Semester Wrap Up (12.09.2010)

Advising Conversations, Part Three: Semester Wrap Up

When:  Thursday, December 9th, 9-10am

Where: Lommasson, Room 272

Our last conversation for the semester will give participants the opportunity to hear about some new initiatives in advising across campus as well as share their own updates. We’ll provide tasty treats, you bring your favorite beverage. All members of the campus community are welcome to attend.

~Submitted by Beth Howard (UAC) and Darlene Samson (TRiO)

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Advising Conversations: Major Declaration/Changes (11/19/2010)

Advising Conversations: Major Declaration/Changes

Friday, November 19th


Lommasson Center, Room 272

Our inaugural “Advising Conversations” (October 8th) was extremely well-attended and yielded some very informative and productive dialogue. Our original intent was to follow with an Advising Forum this month focusing on analysis of the new pre-registration structure for incoming students. Unfortunately, the forum will need to be delayed as a result of scheduling conflicts. We will instead hold a second “Advising Conversations”. The primary topic of discussion will focus on the major declaration/change process and how it relates (or doesn’t) to advisor assignments. We are especially interested to hear your thoughts on how the current system impacts the advising you provide, and if there are other models that might improve our ability to meet student’s needs. We hope to see you there.

The final Conversations/Forum is tentatively set for Thursday, 12/9/10, time and place to be announced.

~Submitted by Darlene Samson, TRiO-SSS and Beth Howard, Director, UAC

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Webinar: Advising Students Online

The UMOnline team and The Undergraduate Advising Center invite you to a 2-part web conference and lunch:

Advising Students Online: Crafting a Program for Your School

offered by Academic Impressions

Advising Online Webinar Brochure

Tuesday, July 20, 11:00-1:30 and

Monday, July 26, 11:00-1:30

Location: CE204

Cost: Attendance is free, but please RSVP so that we can get an accurate headcount for lunch.  You may respond by return email, or call Candi Merrill at extension 6431.

With the growth in online programs, it is critical for institutions to learn what tools and techniques are required for effectively advising students online.  Session one of this webcast will showcase tips and techniques for advising students online as well as managing those appointments.  In the second session, you will develop an action plan for establishing an online advising program, the technology that is needed, and explore the key legal/ethical concerns.

This webcast is designed for administrators who work with online students.  Session one focuses on the actual advising session.  Session two covers the planning and implementation of new online advising programs.

Presenter: Bonnie Peters has 18 years of experience in higher education, providing services to students and clients through counseling, instruction and administration, both in the US and abroad.  For the last ten years she has worked for the San Diego Community College District.  In addition to chairing the counseling department, Bonnie serves as coordinator of the Online Counseling Program.

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