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SoBA Hosts Informational Meetings for Potential Business Majors (3.17.2011)

There will be a student panel in GBB 106  March 17th from 11:10-12:30pm consisting of 7 students, representing each of the SoBA majors and one student organization:

  1. Marketing major/Marketing Club
  2. Finance major/Finance Club
  3. Accounting major/Beta Alpha Psi
  4. Information Systems major/MISA
  5. Management major & the Entrepreneurship Certificate/Entrepreneurship Club
  6. Management major & the Entertainment Management Certificate/UMEM
  7. International Business major (they don’t have a corresponding student organization…)

These same groups/majors will be represented at the student booths in the lobby of GBB from 10:30am-1:00pm.


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Registration Time Table for A’11

Registration Time Table for F'11

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NACADA Region 8 Presentation: Advising 3.0

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Advising Conversations: Hobson’s Retain (3/10/2011)

Thursday, March 10th


Lommasson Center, Room 272

This month’s Advising Conversations will focus on the new “Hobson’s Retain” communication system. Join us for the inaugural demonstration of the VIP page, and see how VIP works with other elements of our pre-registration and advising process. Time permitting, we’ll also continue the discussion of departmental updates from last month’s conversations.

The remaining session for the semester is Friday April 15th.

See you there!

~Submitted by Beth Howard (UAC) and Darlene Samson (TRiO)

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Media Arts Application for F’11 Admission Due Friday, April 29th, 2011.

Media Arts LogoThe applications for both the Media Arts B.A. degree and Media Arts B.F.A. degree are due Friday, April 29th. The following text is straight from the MAR website.

B.A. Application

Applications are accepted during spring semester when the core classes are completed or are being completed. Acceptance is based on GPA assessment of core classes, overall University GPA and instructor feedback. Acceptance will be decided at the end of spring semester after all grades have been processed.

For further information and to download the application sheet, click here.

Please make note of the error on the application form announcing the due date as Monday.

Note: The application form must be turned in physically. No mailed or emailed applications will be accepted.

B.F.A. Application


Before application to the B.F.A. program, the student must complete one year as a B.A. major. Please go to the B.A. section for those requirements. The following classes must be completed or in the process of completion as a B.A. major before applying for the B.F.A. degree. For course descriptions see Courses section.

MAR 210 Creation of Media Story – 3 cr.

MAR 221 Fundamentals of Digital Image – 3 cr.

MAR 251 Digital Video Production Techniques – 3 cr.

MAR 300 Visions of Film – 3 cr.

MAR 302 Intro to Motion Design – 3 cr.

MAR 325 Fundamentals of Digital Animation – 3 cr.


Applications to the B.F.A. program will be accepted during spring semester when the above courses have been completed or are in the process of completion.

Acceptance into the major will be decided at the end of spring semester after all grades have been processed. Acceptance is based on the following:

1. Letter of Intent

2. Artist Statement

3. Portfolio

4. Transcript

5. Time-based Self Portrait

For further information and to download the application sheet, click here.

Please make note of the error on the application form announcing the due date as Monday.


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Interactive Suggested GER Courses for First-Year Students Site Goes Live

In an effort to combine several different sources for information concerning GER requirements, I’ve sent up GER Group specific pages with rollovers that pop up with official course descriptions from the UM Catalog. The list of classes is not all inclusive and is derived from the Suggested GER Courses for First-Year publication.

To find the page,  click the “General Education Requirements” title on the top right of this page or the link above.

To view, course descriptions, do not click, but instead hover over the blue course number to activate the rollover.

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Early Alert 2011: Message from the Registrar


Good afternoon.  You are receiving this important message because you are teaching a class or classes at the 200 level or below, and we are seeking your assistance.

As you know, the Early Alert Program was instituted during the 2007 Academic Year as part of the University’s Student Success Initiative.  The program is designed to identify early in the semester those students who might be having academic difficulty and to direct them to assistance so that they have better odds of a successful semester.  An integral part of this process is the early grading procedure (using the mid-term grading function in CyberBear), which asks instructors teaching 100/200 level (or lower) classes to identify students who are performing poorly in a class (“D” work or less), and then to connect advisors with these students to provide academic assistance/support and direction.

In that light, please note:

  • The Provost has asked that all instructors teaching subjects at the 100/200 level (or below) participate in Early Alert grading each semester.  Only those students who are experiencing academic difficulty should have a grade of DEF (deficient) or RDEF (deficient in a remedial class) grade entered into the midterm grading area in CyberBear.
  • Students who are doing satisfactory work in the course should not be assigned a grade at this time.
  • Please announce to your class that you will be providing midterm grades for those students who are having difficulty, and that students can see if they have received a deficient grade by logging onto their secure CyberBear account.

The Early Alert/Mid-term grade function is now available to instructors via CyberBear, and will be accessible until Midnight, Wednesday, March 9th. If you have any questions about the process or have difficulty accessing your grade rosters, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

The instructions for processing Early Alert/Mid-term grades follow, and are also available to you via this link:

Thank you for your efforts in helping to assure that our students have the best opportunity to succeed.

~Submitted by Ed Johnson, Registrar

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Additional Seats for the March 19 UDWPA Exam to Open March 1

Additional seats for the March 19 UDWPA exam will open on March 1.  Once these seats open, students will need to go to the Registration Counter in Griz Central to register.

Please direct students to the UDWPA website at for current announcements and information on how to prepare.

Thank you,


~Submitted by Kelly Webster, Writing Center, Director

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Webinar: Approaches to Engaging, Connecting, and Retaining Online Students (Feb. 23 & 25, 2011)

UMOnline and the Office for Student Success are jointly sponsoring an online webinar, Engaging and Retaining Online Students, February 23rd and 25th. Sessions will be in the Todd Building, Room 210, from 11:00am-12:30pm. Participants are welcome to remain after the webinar for discussion.

There is no cost for attendance and all members of the university community are invited. More information is posted on the webinar website or you can view the brochure here.

~Submitted by Marlene Zentz, UMOnline

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Pizza & Ideas: Student Video Focus Group (Free Pizza), Feb 15 @ 6 pm

Pizza & Ideas on Febuary 15th at 6 PM in Lommasson Center, room 269.

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