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2010 4-Bear Meetings Announced

4-Bear LogoFour Bear is a 4 year graduation plan that strives to facilitate the student’s goal of graduating from the University in four years. This is accomplished through commitments made by both the participating student and The University of Montana-Missoula.

The plan is intended for first-time UM freshmen, including freshmen with Advanced Placement or High School Pilot Program credits.

The four-year graduation plan is designed for students seriously committed to eight consecutive semesters of full-time study at The University of Montana-Missoula. At the core of the Four Bear Program is the Four Bear contract.

In order to fully participate in the Four Bear Program, students will need to attend one of several informational meetings typically scheduled in late September. At these meetings, students will receive information about the UM’s General Education Requirements, how to be a successful Four Bear student, and how to develop an advisor-approved four-year plan of study. The informational meetings for Fall Semester 2010 are scheduled for:

Monday, Sept. 27th 4:10-5:00pm Urey

Tuesday, Sept.  28th 1:10-2:00pm Urey

Wednesday, Sept. 29th 8:10-9:00am Urey

Thursday, Sept. 30th 5:10-6:00pm Urey

Friday, Oct. 1st 3:10-4:00 pm Urey

Monday, Oct. 4th 4:10-5:00pm Urey

Tuesday, Oct. 5th 1:10-2:00pm Urey


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Suggested First Year General Education Courses

Below is a link to a PDF of suggested general education courses for first year students.

Suggested First Year General Education Courses (2.7.11)

~Submitted by Beth Howard, Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

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FIG’s: First-Year Interest Groups

Attention Incoming First-Year Students

FIG Logo

UM offers the option to elect a block schedule for first-year students each Fall called FIG’s or First-Year Interest Groups. There are 35 FIG’s available for Fall 2009 and each is theme based with an emphasis on meeting general education requirements. FIGS are very successful at building social and intellectual communities for first-year students. Each FIG holds 20 students and provides a base class schedule of around 10 credits. This is a wonderful way to meet other students that share the same majors and interests. Anyone can take any FIG. Ask your advisor during orientation which is the right FIG for you.

For a detailed list of FIG’s visit the website at

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UNC 101: Freshman Seminar

Attention Incoming Freshman

As you start thinking about classes for next semester, look into or ask your advisor about UNC 101: Freshman Seminar. This is a discussion based class designed for incoming freshman that offers small classes sizes, an opportunity to hone writing skills without your grade depending only on written assignments, and a chance to become familiar with the campus and academic expectations in a non-threatening environment. UNC 101 is a 10 week course as opposed to the full semester 15 week standard which allows students to have one less class to focus on during finals week.

For more information, professor bios, a sample syllabus and lectures as well as student testimonials visit the Freshman Seminar blog at

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