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New Approved Writing Course Listing: MCLG 195: Nature and Environment in the Classical World

Ancient Drawings of Animals

Dear Advisors,

I would like you to keep in mind a new course being offered Fall 2011 through Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.  MCLG 195, Nature and Environment in the Classical World Flyer is an an interdisciplinary survey of Greek and Roman attitudes towards the environment.  The course examines the intellectual and literary history of Classical environmental thought through literature as well as geography, anthropology, archaeology, art history. Topics covered include cosmogony, deforestation, evolution, famine, pre-industrial peasant economy, and human interaction with the landscape through engineering and agriculture.

This course is an examination of the role that the landscape and environment played in the intellectual and cultural history of the Greeks and Romans.  Students will be introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of Classical Studies to reconstruct a multidimensional understanding of the ancient world. Primary sources include poetry (epic, tragedy, bucolic/pastoral), natural philosophy, and artifacts of material culture.

This course fulfills the Historical and Cultural Studies general education requirement and is an approved writing class.

~Submitted by Professor Matthew Semanoff, Modern and Classical Languages and Literature


April 1, 2011 - Posted by | New Course Listings

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