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All Withdrawals are coordinated through the Registrar’s Office. Kerry Herndon, LC 201, 406.243.2413 and Cheryl Neilson, LC 231, 406.243.5594 are the current Withdrawal Coordinators. Students receiving Financial Aid should see Cheryl.

Current Term Withdrawals

A TERM WITHDRAWAL is appropriate for students who wish to withdraw from all courses in the current semester. The paperwork for a term withdrawal is available at the Registration Center in Griz Central or on their website. This type of withdrawal will result in W’s assigned to each class on the transcript for the current semester but will not affect the CGPA. The term withdrawal process is available through 4:30 on the Friday before the last week of classes. No tuition or fees are refunded at this point. If a student does withdraw from all classes and is receiving financial aid, the student should be referred to the Financial Aid Counter in Griz Central or call 406.243.5373 for more information.

Retroactive Withdrawals

Students have the right to petition, with justification, to remove an entire semester from their transcript. A student who finished a semester and did not drop a class by the sixth-week deadline or through the late-drop petition within the same semester has three options: (1) accept the grade, (2) petition to withdraw from the entire semester, if justified, or (3) repeat the class. An approved RETROACTIVE WITHDRAWAL from a term results in the replacement of all the grades earned with “W” grades, signifying withdrawal. The forms mentioned above may be obtained from the Registration Counter in Griz Central or accessed online by going to

Hardship Withdrawals

HARDSHIP WITHDRAWALS may be granted to students who have experienced a catastrophic, unanticipated condition or event after the fifteenth class day of a semester if the condition prevents the student from completing academic course work.  If medical, this must be documented by a health care provider and verified by the Curry Health Center.  A medical hardship withdrawal will only be granted in cases of extreme hardship resulting from a serious or life threatening medical condition.

Medical Withdrawals

A MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL is appropriate for students whose academic difficulty during a given semester was due to medical issues (including health, mental, or emotional issues). Students interested in this option should contact a Withdrawal Coordinator who will make referrals to the Medical Withdrawal coordinator at Curry Health Center. (Medical conditions involving family members do not qualify and are handled as personal withdrawals.) Once referred to the Medical Withdrawal Coordinator, students can call 406.243.4330to schedule an appointment.


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