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Grade Point Average


On a student’s transcript, the GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) for a particular term is computed by dividing the number of QUALITY POINTS (QPTS) earned during the term by the number of GRADED HOURS (GPA HRS). The GPA hours exclude courses that are assigned grades that do not impact the GPA.

Cumulative GPA, CGPA

The combination of all TERM GRADE POINT AVERAGES, TGPAs, is referred to as the CUMULATIVE GRADE POINT AVERAGE (CGPA). The CGPA is computed by dividing the total number of Quality Points (QPTS) earned by the total number of Graded Hours (GPA HRS) under the heading “Transcript Totals” on the student transcript or academic record.

Grades That Do Not Impact Grade Point Averages

The following is a list of grade options that have no impact upon the grade point average.

  • All courses under 100; an R precedes the grade (e.g., RA means Remedial Course, A grade)
  • AUD = Audit
  • CR = Credit (and former P, for Pass)
  • I = Incomplete
  • MG = Missing Grade
  • N = Continuing Course
  • NC = No Credit, for English Composition courses only
  • NCR = No Credit (former NP, for No Pass; and X)
  • W = Withdrawn from Course
  • WF = Withdrawn, Failing
  • WP = Withdrawn, Passing

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