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Early Alert

Instructors in 100 and 200 level courses are encouraged to identify early in the semester students in their classes who appear to be struggling, either due to poor early exam grades, missing assignments, or excessive absences. An instructor submits a “DEF” grade code on an unofficial class roster to identify these students; the students can view their midterm grades via Cyberbear. Students are encouraged to address their situations with the appropriate instructors prior to seeing an academic advisor.

Template Email to Students

{Student Name}:

The University has implemented an Early Alert system in which professors have identified students who are struggling in developmental, 100 and 200 level courses.  Students’ advisors were notified of any of their advisees who were identified as being “deficient” in terms of academic performance.

Your professor in {Course Name(s) and Number(s)} has indicated that your academic performance is “deficient” at this point in the semester.  It is important that you contact me as soon as possible to discuss options to help you succeed in your courses.

I encourage you to look into campus tutoring options that might benefit you in your studies.  The schedules for the Study Jam, Writing Center, and Math tutoring programs can be found by clicking here.  You can also check with your instructors to see if other tutoring options are available.

If you receive financial aid, you can use the SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) calculator in Cyberbear to see how any registration changes might affect your financial aid status.  To find the SAP calculator:

1.       Login to Cyberbear
2.       Click “Student Services and Financial Aid”
3.       Click “Financial Aid”
4.       Click “My Eligibility”
5.       Click “Predict My SAP”
6.       Follow the instructions on the screen to use the calculator

Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

{Advisor Name}

What to do about a DEF grade?

  1. View grades in CyberBear.
  2. Speak to the appropriate professor about any deficiencies.
    1. Is there a chance you will pass the class?
    2. Are there departmental or university tutoring resources available for the class?
    3. Will they sign a Drop or Change of Grade Option form?
  3. If you are a Veteran, contact Justin Rapp to discuss your options.
  4. If you are on any type of Financial Aid, run the Satisfactory Academic Progress calculator in CyberBear to project your GPA and run scenarios on your Financial Aid status. (Student Services & Financial Aid > Financial Aid > My Eligibility > Predict My SAP)
  5. Speak with your advisor about your options.

How to Drop or Change Grading Option before March 28th
How to Drop or Change Grading Option after March 28th

Helpful Links
American Indian Student Services
Advising Directory
Curry Health Center
Disability Services for Students
Financial Aid
Foreign Student and Scholar Services
Official UM Dates and Deadlines Calendar

Tutoring Resources
Veterans Resources
Withdrawal Information



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