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Dropping and Adding Classes/Grading Options

There are several different timelines and processes for adjusting a course schedule by dropping and adding courses. Students on financial aid are encouraged to speak with the Financial Aid department or check the Satisfactory Academic Process calculator on Cyberbear prior to dropping a class if their credit loads will drop below 12 credits.

The First 15 Instructional Days of the Semester

Adjustments to a student’s course schedule during the first 15 instructional days of the academic year semester are made on Cyberbear. Dropped courses do not appear on the transcript. Occasionally, a course that a student wishes to add, and that is closed in Cyberbear, may be added if the student obtains the instructor’s permission on an Override Form. The course is then added to the student’s schedule by a staff member at the Registration Counter in Griz Central.


Change of grading option to AUDIT (AUD) is not allowed after the 15th day of instruction. Auditing a class means to register for a course without receiving credit and without any obligations to complete class assignments. All pertaining fees are assessed to audited classes.

From the 16th Instructional Day to the 45th Instructional Day

To add or drop courses after the 15th instructional day and no later than the 45th instructional day, a paper form is used to adjust a student’s schedule. A $10 processing fee is charged for each course added or dropped. A “W” grade, meaning WITHDRAWAL, appears on the transcript as the grade for a dropped course. The form requires the approval of the course instructor and of the student’s advisor. Adding a course after the third week of classes is often problematic and should be discussed with the professor.

After the 45th Instructional Day of the Semester

Students may petition* to drop and add courses after the 45th instructional day. There is a $10 processing fee for each course added or dropped. Legitimate reasons include:

(1)   Accident or illness;

(2)   Family emergency;

(3)   Changes to work schedule;

(4)   No evaluation received in the course prior to the 31st instructional day.

There also may be other situations beyond the student’s control that could be verified for the petition process. Students must have the petition signed by the instructor, advisor and Dean of their college if they wish to drop the class. Changing grade options and adding classes must be approved by the instructor and the advisor.

*Note: Petitions are just that; no petition is guaranteed to be approved.

Withdrawn (Dropped) Course Grade Options

If the instructor does not indicate a grade earned in the course by the time of the late-drop petition, a W for Withdrawal will be posted to the course on the transcript. Otherwise, the instructor may indicate WP for WITHDRAWAL, PASSING or WF for WITHDRAWAL, FAILING. The petition* requires the approval and signatures of the instructor of the course, the student’s advisor, and the Dean of the student’s college.

*Note: The opportunity to petition to drop a course for the current term ends on the last day of instruction prior to the week of scheduled final exams. Dropping a course taken in a previous term is not allowed.

Administrative F’s (NF)

The only exceptions to dropping a course after the semester is over apply to either students who have received a grade of NF or an ADMINISTRATIVE F or who ceased attending class before the sixteenth day of instruction and can provide verification of non-attendance to the Registrar’s Office. An NF grade acts like an F in the student’s GPA. New autumn semester 2007: the NF grade and GPA damage to a student’s transcript may be removed by a drop/add form at the Registration Counter and payment of a $10 fee to Business Services (both in Griz Central). The NF grade is replaced with a W grade but the course remains on a student’s record.

Incompletes (I)

As stated in the University Catalog, an INCOMPLETE grade (I) may be given at the discretion of instructors when there is a reasonable probability that students can complete the course without retaking it.

  1. An incomplete may be assigned when:
    1. Students have been in attendance and passing up to three weeks before the end of the semester, and
    2. For reasons beyond their control and which are acceptable to the instructor, they have been unable to complete the requirements of the course on time.
  2. The instructor sets the conditions for the completion of the course work and notes these on the final grade report. When a student has met the agreed upon conditions, the instructor will assign a grade based upon an evaluation of the total work done by the student in the course.
  3. Incomplete grades, which are not rectified within one calendar year, automatically revert to the alternate grade assigned by the instructor at the time the incomplete grade was submitted.
  4. An incomplete remains on the permanent record and is accompanied by the final grade, for example, IA, IB, IC.

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