UM Advising Commons

Changing and Declaring Majors

Major Declaration

Language in the UM Catalog states that students must declare a major in a degree-granting program by the completion of 45 credits or after three semesters, whichever occurs first.

Major Change Process

Students use a CHANGE OF MAJOR FORM obtained from Griz Central to:

  • Declare a major.
  • Change a major.
  • Add a second major.
  • Drop a major.
  • Add a minor.
  • Change a minor.
  • Drop a minor.
  • Add an option.
  • Change an option.
  • Drop an option.
  • Elect a governing catalog year for major.

The Major Change Form requires approval signatures from the involved departments. A completed Major Change Form is then submitted to either Griz Central Registration Counter or the Registrar’s Office for finalization. Students who have not declared a major (undeclared) and freshman Business, Pre-Psychology, Pre-Nursing or Pre-Communications receive signatures from the Undergraduate Advising Center, LC 269.

Note: Students changing major who are enrolled in the Four Bear Graduation Program must obtain the signature of the Four Bear Coordinator, 406.243.4415, and may need to submit a new graduation plan for approval.

COUN 105: Career Development helps students who are in a quandary about their future understand themselves better, identify their areas of strength and weakness, understand the array of college disciplines, and explore and research a number of careers available to them. This course is highly recommended by advisors.


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