UM Advising Commons


The Academic Catalog

The online ACADEMIC CATALOG is often referred to as a student’s contract with The University of Montana. Academic advisors recommend students familiarize themselves with the catalog. The catalog contains information about admissions, academic policies and procedures, general education, University requirements and major curriculums and descriptions of campus resources, services and organizations.

Governing Catalog

Students may graduate using any UM catalog under which they have been enrolled during the six years prior to graduation. This rule is commonly referred to as the SIX YEAR CATALOG RULE. As curriculums change, so may University and departmental requirements, which is why a student may use one catalog to govern his or her University and general education requirements, and another catalog to meet major or minor requirements?

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to The University of Montana-Missoula may either use a UM Catalog (following the Six Year Catalog Rule) to govern requirements or choose to graduate completing requirements under the UM Catalog in effect when they enrolled at their transfer institution, as long as that catalog is not more than six years old at graduation. Transfer students who choose a catalog earlier than their UM matriculation catalog must notify the Admissions Office in order to have their transfer work properly evaluated.

Six Year Catalog Rule

A student may complete requirements using a UM catalog under which he or she has attended as long as the student will graduate within six years of that catalog’s expiration date.  A catalog covers one calendar year, starting with autumn semester. The catalog’s six-year governance is determined by adding six years to the end of summer session, indicating that the 2010-2011 UM Catalog expires at the end of summer session 2017.

A Student May Elect to Use Different Governing Catalogs

As long as a student has attended UM under a particular catalog and follows the six-year expiration rules, they may choose different catalogs for university requirements, general education requirements, major requirements, and minor requirements.


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