UM Advising Commons

Academic Difficulty

Academic Probation

Students will be placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION at the end of any semester if their cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.00.  The purpose of the academic probation is to notify students that the quality of their work is below the expected level and that continuation of unsatisfactory work during the next semester of enrollment will result in ACADEMIC SUSPENSION.  Students who are placed on academic probation will find that noted on their final grade report and transcript in Cyberbear; they will also receive notification by mail from the Registrar’s Office. The student on academic probation will remain on academic probation each semester if his or her semester grade point average is at least a 2.00.  Once the student’s cumulative grade point average is at least a 2.00 the student will return to GOOD STANDING.

Academic Suspension

Students who are on academic probation will be suspended if their subsequent semester’s grade point average is below a 2.00, resulting in their cumulative grade point average remaining below a 2.00. The effect of academic suspension is that students may not re-enroll at the University unless they have been reinstated. Academic suspensions are noted on final grade reports and transcripts in Cyberbear. No retroactive grade changes, dropped courses, or withdrawals will reverse the suspended status. When students are academically suspended, they are notified via mail of their status, and instructed to see both a readmit advisor and the Dean of their colleges to be reinstated.

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