UM Advising Commons

Group XI: Natural Science (N)

Requirement: 6 credits and a lab experience with grades of C- or higher.

“These courses present scientific conclusions about the structure and function of the natural world, and demonstrate or exemplify scientific questioning and validation of findings.

Upon completion of a Natural Science course, a student will be able to:

  1. understand the general principles associated with the discipline(s) studied;
  2. understand the methodology and activities scientists use to gather, validate and interpret data related to natural processes;
  3. detect patterns, draw conclusions, develop conjectures and hypotheses, and test them by appropriate means and experiments;
  4. understand how scientific laws and theories are verified by quantitative measurement, scientific observation, and logical/critical reasoning; and
  5. understand the means by which analytic uncertainty is quantified and expressed in the natural sciences.” 2010-2011 UM Catalog
Courses which do not include a laboratory experience:
ASTR 131N Elementary Astronomy I
ASTR 132N Elementary Astronomy II
EVST 101N Environmental Science/Service Learning
GEO 101N Intro. to Physical Geology
GEO 105N Oceanography
GEO 107N Natural Hazards
GEO 108N, CCS 108N Climate Change
GPHY 111N Introduction to Physical Geography
PHAR 110N Use and abuse of Drugs
SCN 100N Issues in Biology (COT)
Courses which do include a laboratory experience:
ASTR 134N Elementary Astronomy Laboratory I
ASTR 135N Elementary Astronomy Laboratory II
ASTR 142N Evolving Universe: Theories and Observations
BIOB 101N Discover Biology
BIOO 105N Intro to Botany
CHMY 101N Chemistry for the Consumer
GEO 102N Intro. to Physical Geology lab
GEO 106N History of Life

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