UM Advising Commons

Group VI: Historical and Cultural Studies (H)

Requirement: 3 credits with a grade of C- or higher.

“These courses present the historical or cultural contexts of ideas and institutions, and examine cultural development or differentiation in the human past. They are foundational in that they are wide-ranging in chronological, geographical, or topical focus, or in that they introduce students to methods of inquiry specific to a particular discipline.

Upon completion of a Historical and Cultural Studies course, students will be able to:

  1. Synthesize ideas and information with a view to understanding the causes and consequences of historical developments and events;
  2. Evaluate  texts or artifacts within their historical and/or cultural contexts;
  3. Analyze human behavior, ideas, and institutions within their respective historical and/or cultural contexts.” – 2010-2011 UM Catalog
AAS 141H, HSTA141H Introduction to African American Studies
ANTH 100H Intro Latin American Studies
ANTH 101H Introduction to Anthropology – ALSO GROUP X
ANTH 103H Food and Culture – ALSO GROUP X
ANTH 106H The Silk Road– ALSO GROUP X
ART 150H Art of World Civilization: Ancient to Medieval Art– ALSO GROUP X
ART 151H Art of World Civilization: Early Modern to Contemporary Art– ALSO GROUP I X
EVST 167H Nature & Society
HSTR 101H/103H Eur Civ: Birth of Europe I – ALSO GROUP IX
HSTR 102H/104H Eur Civ: Birth of Europe II – ALSO GROUP IX
HSTA 101H/103H American History I – ALSO GROUP IX
HSTA 102H/104H American History II – ALSO GROUP IX
LS 119H Historical Perspective on Women
LS 161H Introduction to Asian Humanities
MCLG 100H Introduction to Latin American Studies
MCLG 105H, RUSS 105H, LS 105H Introduction to Russian Culture – ALSO GROUP IX
MUSI 207H World Music – ALSO GROUP IX
NAS 100H Introduction to Native American Studies – ALSO GROUP X

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