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Group X: Indigenous and Global Perspectives (X)

“This perspective instills knowledge of diverse cultures in comparative and thematic frameworks. Students are encouraged to cultivate ways of thinking that foster an understanding of the complexities of indigenous cultures and global issues, past and present. Students will learn how geographically and culturally separate parts of the world are linked by various, multiple interactions.

Indigenous studies focus upon “first peoples” and their descendants who derive their cultural communal identities from their long-standing and/or historical habitation of particular places. These courses foster an appreciation for indigenous peoples, their histories and cultures, and their struggles both to maintain their ways of life and gain equal positions in world spheres of power and change.

Global studies investigate how societies and nations interact through human endeavor and /or natural processes. These courses encourage students to relate their knowledge of particular parts of the world, with their individual identities, and to larger trends and issues that affect multiple societies and environments. These include regional, national, and even transnational cultural flows, as well as a multiplicity of environmental processes and economic relationships.

Upon completion of an Indigenous and Global Perspective course, students will be able to:

  1. Place human behavior and cultural ideas into a wider (global/indigenous) framework, and enhance their understanding of the complex interdependence of nations and societies and their physical environments;
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of the diverse ways humans structure their social, political, and cultural lives; and
  3. Analyze and compare the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the 21st century including those of their own societies and cultures.”– 2010-2011 UM Catalog
ANTH 101H Introduction to Anthropology – ALSO GROUP VI
ANTH 103H Food and Culture – ALSO GROUP VI
ANTH 106H The Silk Road – ALSO GROUP VI
ART 150H Art of World Civilization: Ancient to Medieval Art– ALSO GROUP VI
MCLG 100H Introduction to Latin American Studies
MUSI 207H World Music – ALSO GROUP VI
NAS 100H Introduction to Native American Studies – ALSO GROUP VI

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