UM Advising Commons

Group IV: Expressive Arts (A)

Requirement: 3 credits with a grade of C- or higher.

“Expressive Arts courses are activity-based and emphasize the value of learning by doing in an artistic context.  Upon completion of an Expressive Arts course, students will be able to express themselves in the making of an original work or creative performance; understand the genres and/or forms that have shaped the medium; and critique the quality of their own work and that of others.” – 2010-2011 UM Catalog

ART 101A Visual Language: Drawing
ART 129A Ceramics for Non-Majors
COMM 111A Introduction to Public Speaking
DANC 100A Modern Dance I (2 credits)
DANC 110A Ballet I (2 credits)
DANC 115A Jazz Dance I (1 credit)
MAR 111A Integrated Digital Art
MAR 112A Intro to Non-Lin Editing
MUSI 102A Performance Study (1-2 credits)
MUSI 108A Orchestra: UMSO (1 credit)
MUSI 110A Opera Theatre I (1 credit)
MUSI 111A Singing for Non-Majors
MUSI 112A Chamber Chorale (1 credit)
MUSI 114A Band: UM Concert Band (1 credit)
MUSI 122A Percussion  Ensemble (1 credit) 

MUSI 131A Jazz Ensemble I: UM Jazz Band (1 credit)
MUSI 135A Keyboarding Skills I (1 credit)
MUSI 136A Keyboarding Skills II (1 credit)
MUSI 155A Marching: Grizzly Marching Band (1 credit)
MUSI 160A Beginning Guitar (2 credits)
THTR 102A Introduction to Theatre Design
THTR 106A Theatre Production I: Running Crew (1 credit)
THTR 107A Theatre Production I: Construction Crew
THTR 120A Intro to Acting I
WRIT 184A Beginning Creative Writing (COT)
WRIT 185A Beginning Creative Writing: Fiction (COT)
WRIT 186A Beginning Creative Writing: Poetry (COT)


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