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Policy Spotlight: Academic Suspension and Reinstatment

The following excerpt is from the 2010-2011 UM Academic Catalog.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Suspension

A student will be placed on academic suspension at the end of any semester if the student was on academic probation during their prior semester of attendance and the student’s cumulative grade average remains below 2.00. Exceptions are made if the student earns at least a 2.00 grade average for the current semester without raising the cumulative grade average to the required minimum. In such cases, students remain on academic probation. A student placed on academic suspension may not re enroll at the University unless the student has been reinstated. Academic suspensions are noted on final grades and transcripts on For more information go to the following URL:


As noted above, a student will be academically suspended at the end of a semester if placed on academic probation during the previous semester of attendance and the student’s cumulative graduate point average (CGPA) remains below the 2.00 CGPA required for good academic standing.

Students who have been suspended for academic reasons and seek reinstatement must receive the approval of the academic dean of the school or college in which they intend to enroll. [If seeking reinstatement in the UM College of Technology, contact the Retention and Advising Coordinator at the COT.]  Typically, retroactive grade changes, dropped courses or withdrawals do not reverse the academic suspension status that is recorded on the transcript, unless there was an error or grading mistake.

Academic reinstatement is not automatic. The student must provide the reasons for previous poor academic performance along with a carefully prepared plan for improvement that is completed with the help of an academic advisor. A student denied reinstatement may appeal the denial in writing to the President of the University within ten days of receiving the notice of denial. The decision to deny reinstatement normally will not be reversed unless there is evidence the decision was made arbitrarily.

If a suspended and reinstated student has not attended UM for more than two years, the student must also complete an application for readmission through the Registrar’s Office. The readmission form re-activates the student’s record and, along with the reinstatement form, allows the student to register for courses.


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