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Summer Orientation Pre-Registration Assessment

The following email was sent through Campus Communications earlier today announcing the launch of a discussion board on the topic of pre-registration. Your feedback is important. An essential component of improving any program is to hear about the experiences of people from a wide variety of vantage points. Your perspectives will be invaluable in determining what changes would most benefit the new system.

~Submitted by Beth Howard, UAC, Director

“The Office for Student Success, Enrollment Services, and the Registrar’s Office has launched a discussion board on the topic of pre-registering new freshmen into core courses for their first semester.  We’re seeking comments from the UM community on what worked well and how to improve the process for 2011.

If you participated in any way in the pre-registration of new freshmen – helping define your department’s core courses, building schedules for new freshmen during the June pre-registration, or advising students during summer and fall orientations – please take a few moments to share your thoughts at Technology enhancements and communication improvements are already underway, and your suggestions on those and other issues are critical.

Thank you in advance for your time and commitment to student success.

Sharon O’Hare
Executive Director

If you would prefer not to participate in a public discussion board, you may email me directly at  I assure you that your comments will remain confidential.


December 2, 2010 - Posted by | Summer Orientation

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