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Spring 2011 Registration Schedule Released

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This chart shows the starting day and time you may use to register.

  • FIND YOUR GROUP: Students with Disabilities, Graduate Students/Post Baccalaureate, Seniors, Four Bear/Athletes, Juniors, Freshmen, or Sophomores.
  • Look down the columns under your group until you locate the beginning letters of your last name. Your date to register is printed at the top of this column, and your time is printed at the left end of the row. For example, a junior whose last name is Smith may register at 12:00 on Monday, November 1st. You may register anytime after your starting time has passed.
  • CLASS: The student who has earned fewer than 30 credits is a freshmen. The student who has earned at least 30 credits but fewer than 60 is a sophomore, and the student who has earned 60 but fewer than 90 credits is a junior. The student who has earned 90 or more credits is classified as a senior. The credit hours of course work in progress are added to credits earned to calculate a student’s class.
Spring 2011 Registration Time Chart (Week One)
Registration Time October 25
October 26
October 27
October 28
October 29
. Student with Disabilities* Post
Four Bear** &
8:00-10:00 Me-Zz Aa-Bz Kf-Md La-Qz Aa-Bz
10:00-12:00 Aa-Md Ca-Dz Me-Pr Ra-Zz Ca-Dz
. Graduate Students Post Baccalaureate & Seniors Post Baccalaureate & Seniors Four Bear** & Athletes*** Juniors
12:00-2:00 Aa-Mz Ea-Gz Ps-St Aa-Dz Ea-Gz
2:00-4:00 Na-Zz Ha-Ke Su-Zz Ea-Kz Ha-K

* Eligible students with disabilities qualify for priority registration as a reasonable program modification.  Contact Disability Services for the eligibility.

**Students in the Four Bear Program contract to graduate in four years, and priority registration assures access to the classes necessary to fulfill the contract.

***To be eligible for athletic participation, students are required by the NCAA to meet full-time enrollment and progression standards, but they have limited times when they can attend classes. Priority registration helps solve this problem.

Spring 2011 Registration Time Chart (Week Two)
Registration Time November 1
November 2
November 3
November 4
November 5
Juniors Freshmen Freshmen Sophomores Sophomores
8:00-10:00 Kf-Md Aa-Bz Kf-Md Aa-Bz Kf-Md
10:00-12:00 Me-Pr Ca-Dz Me-Pr Ca-Dz Me-Pr
12:00-2:00 Ps-St Ea-Gz Ps-St Ea-Gz Ps-St
2:00-4:00 Su-Zz Ha-Ke Su-Zz Ha-Ke Su-Zz

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