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ALEXS Math Placement Information

All incoming freshmen without AP credit and transfer students still needing to meet their math requirement are expected to take the online placement test (called ALEKS) before registering for a math course.

Visit UM’s Math Placement website:

You will need to know your student ID number as well as the ALEKS UM Course Code: MAHXU XDVMA

Once you have taken the test, write down your score.

Level 1 Placement:
M 065: Pre-Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)

Level 2 Placement:
M 090: Introductory Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)
M 111: Technical Math, 3 credits (Industrial Technology Majors.)

Level 3 Placement:
M 095: Intermediate Algebra, 3 credits (Remedial)
M 115: Probability and Linear Math, 3 credits (Majors include: BADM, COMM, PSYX, SOCI.)
M 105: Contemporary Math, 3 credits (For majors without a specific math requirement.)

Level 4 Placement:
M 151: Pre-Calculus, 4 credits
M 121: College Algebra, 3 credits
M 135: Math for K-8 Teachers, 5 Credits (Elementary Education Majors only.)

Level 5 Placement:
M 122: College Trigonometry, 3 Credits
M 162: Applied Calculus, 4 Credits

Out of Level 5 Placement:
M 171: Calculus 1, 4 Credits


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