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New Transfer Credit Evaluation Designations

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If a transfer course is equivalent to a UM course, it will be listed as such on the evaluation.  Transfer courses without UM equivalencies are listed as elective credit.  Elective credit was previously listed as 199 (lower division) or 399 (upper division).   These numbers are no longer used as a result of the new MUS common course numbering system.  The new codes designating elective credit are as follows:

TR1 – Lower-Division Elective (freshman level)

TR2 – Lower-Division Elective (sophomore level)

TR3 – Upper-Division Elective (junior level)

TR4 – Upper-Division Elective (senior level)

Courses accepted toward UM’s general education requirements are designated by symbols after the course number, such as TR1H, TR2S, etc.   Courses that are considered double dippers carry both notations – i.e., HY counts as Historical & Culture Studies (H) and also the American & European  Perspective (Y).

~Submitted by Lou Laakso, Evaluation Supervisor, Enrollment Services-Admissions


August 5, 2010 - Posted by | Advising, Curriculum Updates, General Education, Online Resources

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