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GEAR Online Email from UM to Students

This email was sent from Karissa Drye, Orientation Director, to GEAR Online students yesterday (7.13.10).

Hello from The University of Montana,

Thank you for registering for the General Education, Advising and Registration (GEAR) Online Program. GEAR Online allows you to complete your autumn course registration before attending Fall Orientation on August 25th and 26th. At Fall Orientation you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your advisor and learn about all the special programs at UM.

In order to keep things easy, we’ve posted all of the information you need to complete your autumn registration to one web site devoted just to our GEAR Online students.  There you’ll find step-by-step instructions and informative videos (watch them!) to walk you through the course selection and your registration process.  We also give you the contact information for staff available to answer questions.

It’s time to get started on the Advising and Registration process! Be sure to have on hand your 790- Student Identification Number, and your Net ID and password. In addition, you’ll need your Advising Number, which is #advising_pin#. Please do not lose this advising number-you will need it each time you try to adjust your schedule for the Autumn Semester.

Follow this link to the GEAR Online site:

We can’t wait to see you in the fall!

Karissa Drye

Orientation Programs Director

Important Numbers to Know:

Student ID Number

  • Begins with 790
  • Use to log into Cyberbear to register for classes
  • Initial password is 6-digit birthday (May 6, 1992=050691)
  • Contact Registrar with password problems, (406) 243-6077, 8:00am-4:30pm MST Monday-Friday

Net ID

  • First initial, last initial and random assortment of 6 digits (e.g. Monte Bear=mb123456)
  • Use to log into student email account, OneStop, Academic Course Planner
  • Initial password is last six digits of Student ID Number
  • Contact Information Technology (IT) office with password problems: (406) 243-HELP (4351), 8:00am-5:00pm MST Monday-Friday

Advising Number

  • Listed above. Traditionally given to you by your advisor during advising appointments that occur every semester.
  • This number changes each semester
  • Don’t lose it!

~Submitted by Karissa Drye, Orientations Director


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