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Media Arts Curriculum Update

Curriculum Info

1) The MAR BA degree has just been approved! This is currently the only one available to students and blends both the Digital Media and Digital Filmmaking tracks together to produce a well rounded MAR graduate.

2) There is a BFA degree proposal on the Regents’ table now seeking approval! This degree will offer students the ability to intensify their studies in various aspects of MAR (exp: Animation).

3) The MAR minor is still in place. Students are now required to take MAR 101L, 102, 111A and 112 as well as 9 credits from the back of the checklist. There is no longer a GPA requirement in place for these classes as there was with the 100-200-level core.

4) The 200-level sequence will terminate at the end of Spring semester.

Application Process

1) The application is now based on grades alone (no more portfolios).

2) There will be unmistakable/unavoidable notices posted in the MAR department alerting students near the end of spring semester that it is time to turn in a major applications.

3) Students will be grandfathered in if they have completed the 100 & 200-level requirements but will be required to take the remaining 100-level courses after admission into the full MAR major.

Please contact the MAR advisor, Christine Wilson (406.243.4540) or the Director of Media Arts, Rick Hughes (406.243.4515) for more information.


January 7, 2010 - Posted by | Curriculum Updates

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